It means that you deserve and choose the best, and we are here to offer you this. We invite you to a place created with refinement, care, a lot of attention to detail, a place dedicated to you.

Thai Therapy, already familiar to you, is the only center in Transylvania specialized in the art of massage and relaxation with an Asian flavor. We were inspired to create it from traditional Thai culture,, a culture known for the care and attention given to the body and mind alike.

The values of Thai Therapy, brought to Cluj by our staff trained in the oldest massage schools in Thailand, are harmony, health, beauty, balance and relaxation.

We are convinced that our services are suitable both for you and your family, but also for business partners, important customers or deserving employees.

We invite you to benefit from the Thai #metime Club Package whenever you think you deserve complete relaxation. Discover the results seen with Thai treatments. Discover the results seen with Thai treatments.

*Individual package, not transferable. Personalize each experience in the Thai Therapy Center, with the type of massage you want. This offer is not cumulated with other offers sent by the Thai Therapy Center


The services we offer are rather profound experiences that will make you find and reconnect with your inner Self. Because we want you to discover leisurely, at your own pace, what you need and what suits you best, we offer you our following services:

you prefer, our staff can create customized packages especially for your agenda, as well as the needs and specifics of your body: packages addressed to health, body sculpting and detox, relaxation and body beauty as a whole.

We invite you to choose the right package for you, to select the right duration for your daily agenda, where we are sure that it says Pampering Time addressed to Me – Thai #metime Club