Internal regulations


  1. Appointments can be made by phone / WhatsApp / online Site Facebook.
  2. Appointments require Confirmation 24 hours in advance.
  3. For Unconfirmed appointments, Thai Therapy Center reserves the right to cancel them automatically, and this place will be offered according to Customer Requests
  4. Appointments can be changed no later than 24 hours in advance.
  5. In case of non-presentation, the client will be charged 20% more than the value of the service.
  6. Thai Therapy reserves the right to select its clients.
  7. Appointments can be made for a maximum period of 30 days
  8.  In case of cancellation, the clients are rescheduled depending on the availability of the Center


Giftcardurile contain massage sessions, lasting at least 75 minutes, at the unique price offered by the company.

  1. Gift cards have the validity mentioned on the card, starting with the day of purchase, even on the last day mentioned.
  2. The validity can be modified only if, for unforeseen reasons, the company cannot provide these services within the mentioned interval. The value of the gift card cannot be refunded in cash
  3. The validity changes for a limited period and / or the period in which the company cannot provide these services
  4. The validity changes for a limited period and / or the period in which the company cannot provide these services, this being sent to the client at the time of the request for appointment.
  5. The validity can also be modified in the following circumstances valid for both the client and the company: technical problems of the center, health problems, legal problems, unforeseen situations that do not depend on the Thai Therapy Center.
  6. The validity of the Gift Cards can be modified, according to the points 3, 4 and 5, only if the clients who have a Gift Card, announce by email at or whatsapp(0770 375 781) during the validity period of the Gift Card. Requests sent after the Gift Card has expired are not considered.
    The Thai Therapy Center also undertakes to notify the clients within the same validity period in case it cannot honor the appointments for the reasons mentioned above.
  7. Gift cards are individual, they can be transmitted.
  8. Gift cards contain the duration found on the card, which can be used for a single massage session.
  9. Gift cards can be used as a payment method for meetings with different duration, and the client will only pay the difference.
  10. The meeting will be considered paid with Giftcard only if the client presents a registration number found on the card, this being necessary to be presented at the reception and at the time of appointment.


  1. The package contains 3 massage sessions lasting at least 75 minutes.
  2. Meetings must be scheduled within 30 days.
  3. The type of massage is chosen no later than 24 hours in advance for a better organization
  4. This package is paid in full from the first meeting.
  5. This package is dedicated exclusively to the beneficiary
  6. Meetings are not transferable.
  7. The duration found in the package can be scheduled for sessions lasting at least 75 minutes.
  8. The duration found in the package can be cumulated in sessions with a longer duration.
  9. In case of Confirmation of appointment, but Failure to present, the meeting will no longer be Validated and Rescheduled